Why Does a Family Dentist Use 3D Xrays?

The dental profession is constantly changing. We are seeing an unprecedented flow of new technology, updated research on material and techniques as well as a flood of new vendors who are competing for a share of our business. One area that is becoming more and more common in your average dental office is the use of CBCT or 3D X-Rays to aid in diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. Our office recently made an investment in a Planmeca brand limited field CBCT. With the addition of dental implant surgery by Dr. Hummel in our office it is imperative for our patients to get the best care possible. This includes pre-op planning and diagnosis with the highest degree of scrutiny. Using a CBCT really should be the standard of care as surgery is safer, more predictable and poor outcomes can be more easily avoided with proper planning.

An additional advantage of using this amazing machine is to aid in diagnosis in cases where regular Xrays do not give enough information or are distorted due to patient anatomy. So much more can be gleaned from 3D as you can imagine. If your dentist isn’t using CBCTs in their office or at least referring to an office that does, they should be. With the newest technology comes greater patient safety and better outcomes for you and your family. Why not use it!